Book Review: Sweet Forbidden Fruit By Ken N. Robinson


Sweet Forbidden Fruit: By Ken N. Robinson

I got the honor of Reading this book for an Honest review and I have to say I was glad I got the chance to read this book. It is a Great Read, This tell a story of a Wife and Mother, thinking  and knowing she needs more in her Love life, and goes through a lot to find herself. In the end she sees all the mistakes she had made along the way, and finds herself as well. At times this book can be very outspoken with words that some may not want to hear towards racism and Love, but gets the point across and I would challenge you to read this book as well. It kept me entertained and the mystery of wanting to know what happens, even though there are parts you wish never happened, but it is a true to life book I could say. Honest to what could happen in real life. So check it out from your library if they have it, purchase it on or at your local book store.


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