Body Armor Drinks Review


I received this Product to try and write an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Here are the flavors that are available. I have to say from looking at them they all looked and sounded YUMMY.

What I loved best about these drinks, as they all contained Coconut Water, and all natural sweeteners, so no artificial flavors. They also contained Electrolytes, and vitamins. These drinks are a great alternative to drinking Gatorade or PowerAde, there is not the added sugar, ingredients, and or colorings that they put in there drinks. Body Armor is all natural, and taste great.

Everyone in the house enjoyed drinking all these flavors as well. We loved them so much when they were finished we had to make sure we purchased more for later. I will be using these drinks this summer while my daughter is at camp for her to drink so she will stay hydrated and I will be using myself as well for workout at the gym.

Another Great perk is you can purchase these at your local grocery store or online. I found them at our Local Publix, and cost was about the same as a water bottle, and or Gatorade. They can also be found at your Local Target.

You can even print a $1.00 off coupon off 2 bottles,


Mixed Berry and Fruit Punch, taste like they sound, berry flavor that is to die for and a fruit punch flavor.


Tropical Punch is my favorite of all them, it tastes delicious and know that it was good for you was even better.


Orange Mango Flavor had a mango and orange flavor, that both flavors taste delicious together, not one overpowering the other.


Lemon Lime Flavor reminded me of Lemonade, with a bit of lime flavor.

You can check Body Armor out here on the company website.

You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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