Kidstek Lego Camp And Afterschool Programs

DSCN1262                     DSCN1250

My daughter got to experience some Awesome summer camp programs this summer and this Great Kidstek Lego camp was one of them she got to do for a week this summer.  Here is the website

There was differant themes for each week so you could do more then one theme if you so desired and they also had morning  and afternoon camps avaailable for working parents as well.  Here is a few of themes the past few weeks they had, Minecraft, StarWars, Architecture, Cars, Amusement Parks, Space and Robotics. So you see lots to choose from.  She decided on the Architecture week, where they did lots of wonderful things with the children.

I really loved that it was a small classroom setting with a maxium of only 12 stundents at once which is super as they have more one on one time with the other stundents and the teacher. More hands on experience as well.  There is time for the children to work on building individually as well as in groups following a plan, and also some free building time where they can build whatever they desire. Here is a few photos of both settings here.

   DSCN7697                 DSCN7698
This  camp is offered at several locations in Naples as well as Ft Myers so take a look at the website and see when and where is best accomadating for your child ages Kindergarten- 12th grade. They offer both summer camps as well as afterschool programs to the children.   Here are some photos below of the finished week of camp and how much building and learning they did. They were learning about all differant types of famous architecture buildings as well as where they were located on the map.  This camp is great for children as it peeks there interest in something great for  brain development, lots of hand eye coordination and learning fun as well.  They learn principles and applications of science, mathematics, robotics, engineering and technology. They get to experience first hand through touching and seeing.

   DSCN7689  DSCN7690  DSCN7709   DSCN7711
You can go here to the Kidstek website at and you can view upcoming camps There is  still two more weeks of summer camp available for those interested in finding a last minute camp, and look for upcoming afterschool camps that will be avaialble soon.  They also do Birthday parties as well for those interested  in something differant .

It also has easy registration so you can register and pay online for the classes as well. This is a great opportunity for your child and you dont want them to miss out.  Go check them out and Happy Building.


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