Sub Zero Ice Cream Store Opens in Naples, Florida 


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Want to experience a cool way of how ice cream is made, then just drive or fly to Naples,  Florida. A new ice cream store opened a few weeks ago in the Vanderbilt Shoppes off Airport Rd.  We went to check it out for ourselves and not only is the ice cream YUMMY it is the coolest place to watch and experince science and your icecream being made right in front of you.  How do you say? Well they use Nitrogen and was seen on Shark Tank.

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You have to go check it out. There is more then the Naples, Florida location so checkout the website and locate the local one near you.



The ice cream is customized to your liking of your choice from base to mixins.  You choose your Size, then the type of Cream, then the Flavor you desire. Last you Add your Mix-ins you want in your Ice Cream. You can also Do a Sensation which is a combination decided for you. They also have smoothies, shakes, Italian Ice and Pies for Purchase.

DSCN7821 DSCN7822  DSCN7823  DSCN7824


Here are some photos from our experience  at the store.  You Place your order then watch the MAGIC happen in front of you.  How FUN!

DSCN7815  DSCN7816 DSCN7807 DSCN7810




And then the finished product YUM!!!


DSCN7817  DSCN7820  DSCN7811


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