Code Breakers 

A new activity popping up all over the states , the code breakers fun for all ages, an activity to get everyone involved and interesting fun to solve the puzzle to get out of the room. What else could you want then to experience hands on fun with your children. What are you waiting for…book now 

Code Breakers provides a puzzle-solving experience called “Return to Planet Earth” for kids ages 7-12. The children spend an hour in their spaceship-themed room, working together to solve puzzles to get the spaceship up and running before their 60 minutes expires. It is a fun yet educational activity that the kids are sure to be talking about for days! For more information or to book your escape room challenge visit us at

I am so excited to share this EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS OFFER FOR MY READERS!
SAVE 15% on the all new KIDS ESCAPE ROOM – only one in Pittsburgh area! 

Use Promo Code READER_EXCLUSIVE when booking your kids escape room – what a perfect gift idea!


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